Parrot-Minidrone-Mambo-04So we know that companies are using drones to deliver the packages of customers, so the idea of using drones to deliver normal mail isn’t really that much of a stretch. In fact over in countries such as Singapore and Switzerland, drones are currently being tested to be used to deliver regular mail.

This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that based on a report from Motherboard, France is expected to do the same as well. The country’s federal postal service is testing out an experimental drone delivery system that can deliver parcels on a nine mile route. This delivery will be made once a week for starters, but once it gains approval from the country’s aviation regulatory authority, it is expected to become a regular thing.

In fact if approved, this drone parcel delivery service could be the first in the world to be used on a regular route (as opposed to being used for testing purposes). The program is being developed by DPDgroup, Europe’s second largest international parcel delivery network. It is also being developed together with Atechsys, a drone company from France, and both of them have been working on it since 2014.

Using drones to make deliveries makes sense. After all they are more nimble than helicopters, easier to fly, and can avoid the traffic jam that delivery trucks, vans, or motorbikes face, so don’t be surprised if more postal services around the world start to explore the idea in the future.

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