huawei-watch-aug-2015__06Earlier this year, several major Android Wear OEMs announced that they will not be releasing new devices this year. Huawei was one of those manufacturers who made the announcement, alongside LG and Lenovo. To make matters worse, not only do we not have a new Huawei Watch this year, but the current version is no longer available from the Google Store.

If you’re looking for the Huawei Watch, know that from here on out you will not be able to purchase the device from Google. Instead you’ll have to turn to other retailers, such as Amazon who also appears to be rather low in stock. That being said, users can rest assured that there are still plenty of other Android Wear options.

This includes the Moto 360 (2015), Polar M600, Michael Kors Access Dylan & Bradshaw, and the Nixon Mission, although many reviews have found that the Huawei Watch is one of the better offerings around. We’re not sure what Huawei’s plans are for 2017, but Lenovo’s Motorola announced that they will be taking a break from smartwatches.

This means that you can no longer count on seeing a Moto 360 released in 2017. As for LG, it has been recently spotted that the company has filed for several trademarks related to smartwatches, so perhaps we’ll see new LG wearables next year.

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