hulu-heroIt is expected that 4K will soon become the new standard resolution. We’re starting to see more 4K monitors and TV sets that are a good sight cheaper than what they used to be when they were first launched. Granted Full HD displays are still a lot cheaper, but owning a 4K monitor or TV will no longer cost you an arm and leg.

With 4K TVs, it also means that our content needs to scale up as well, and the good news is that if you subscribe to Hulu, the streaming platform has announced that they have started to stream some of their shows and movies in 4K. According to Hulu, “With your Hulu subscription, you get access to our library of the best TV, Hulu Originals, hit movies, and more, as well as HD and 4K Ultra HD streams when available.”

The first batch of shows that Hulu will be streaming in 4K includes their lineup of original shows, as well as 20 James Bond films, so if you’re a Bond enthusiast, you’ll be able to enjoy 20 classic Bond films in the new resolution. Hulu has also told us that all 4K titles are encoded using the HEVC codec which will also improve the efficiency and quality of all resolutions, so even if you are watching on a Full HD display, there should be some improvements as well.

In order to enjoy Hulu’s 4K content, you will need to stream from either the Xbox One S or the PS4 Pro, with either of those devices connected to a display capable of displaying 4K resolution.

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