lightroom-iosDue to our smartphones having bigger screens than before, there are probably quite a few users out there who are no longer able to use their phones with one hand as effectively as before. This can be troublesome when you need to tend to something especially if your other hand is occupied.

The good news for iOS users is that if you use Adobe’s Lightroom to edit your photos on the go, Adobe has issued an update in which it will introduce one-handed editing. According to Adobe, “We then built an interface that was easy to use with a single hand, something we find ourselves doing pretty often while on our phones.”

“This meant ensuring that you could see the entire image while editing it, but also to ensure that you can easily get to often used tools like showing the before and after without having to use your second hand (goodbye three-finger before and after, hello single finger tap and hold).” One-handed editing is one the few feature added to the update, one of which is also a new Edit interface, a new Info section, and a new Capture Interface and Professional Mode.

The updates should already be live so if you are interested in downloading it, head on over to the iTunes App Store for the download.

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