So far Netflix and Marvel are three for three in terms of their TV shows. Daredevil was a resounding success, along with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Luke Cage will be getting its second season, as confirmed by the official Luke Cage Twitter account.

However there is no mention of what the plot will be and when the second season will premiere, and given that Netflix has their plate full with the other Marvel TV series, we reckon fans of Luke Cage might be in for a wait. What do we mean by this? Basically in 2017 we’ll be seeing the release of Iron Fist. It has also been confirmed that the Punisher will be released in 2017, plus The Defenders mini-series to take into consideration.

Let’s not forget that Daredevil has been renewed for a third season and Jessica Jones season 2 has also been confirmed. This basically means that there are at least five Marvel TV shows on Netflix that have yet to debut ahead of the second season of Luke Cage. Netflix has stated earlier this year that they want to release their Marvel shows faster, so maybe instead of getting 2 new Marvel shows a year, we could be looking at 3, which will definitely cut down the backlog.

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