It’s not uncommon for rare items to be auctioned for staggering amounts of money. There are people in this world who are willing to pay $55,000 for a rare Pokemon card so you can just imagine how much money people are ready to spend on such trinkets. This is the story of the oldest remaining camera made by Nikon. It has fetched $406,000 at an auction in Austria.

This is said to be the third camera ever that Nikon manufactured back in April 1948. It has the original F2 Nikkor H lens that it came with back then as well as its original double strap case which itself is extremely rare. Even the body of the camera carries the inscription that it was “made in occupied Japan.”

This camera was originally launched as the Nikon but later came to be called as the Nikon One as in the following years M and S models were added to the lineup. The camera was valued at $190,000 but bidding at the auction opened at $95,000. One lucky and very rich person has been able to scoop it up for an eye-watering $406,000.

The person who bought it won’t really be able to use it for shooting pictures, however, since it uses a non-standard film size that Nikon was quick to ditch once it figured out that it was holding back the camera.

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