project_fi_vendingThe next time you are at the San José International Airport, you might want to keep an eye out for the vending machine pictured to your right. As you can tell, this isn’t your typical vending machine where you get to buy food or drinks. Instead this is Google’s Project-Fi vending machine that dispenses things that might come in handy for your travel.

Dubbed the Project-Fi Travel Trolley, this will be filled with items such as sleep masks, socks, and charging cables, which like we said will come in handy for users. Unfortunately it seems that they are only available to Project-Fi customers, so unfortunately not everyone will be able to redeem them. Also according to Google, only one item can be redeemed every 24 hours, so it seems that users won’t be able to abuse the system. The best part is that they are all free.

So if you are a Project-Fi subscriber, the question is how do you use it? According to Google’s instructions, you’ll have to dial a code from your Fi device which will then generate a QR code on your device’s screen. You’ll then put the code against the machine which will then scan the code, after which you’ll be good to go and can choose any item that you might need.

While sleeping masks and socks might come in handy, we reckon that the charging cables are probably going to be quite a hit. After all we’re sure that you have on more than one occasion forgotten your charging cable while travelling, right?

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