sprint_signDo you think that you’re currently getting the best internet speed possible on your phone at the moment? If you think you are, think again because come 2017, it seems that Sprint will be unlocking a hidden feature in its flagship phones that will apparently help to boost their connection speeds.

The handsets that will be part of this “upgrade” includes the iPhone 7, the Samsung Galaxy S7, the LG G5, and the Google Pixel. Presumably other flagships that will be launched in 2017 will also be part of this, which we are assuming includes the Galaxy S8, the LG G6, and the iPhone 8 amongst other handsets.

Dubbed “3 x carrier aggregation”, this update supposedly creates a fatter pipe to deliver content to the phones faster. As it stands the HTC Bolt launched last month was actually the first handset to take advantage of it, although we guess unless there’s a before and after comparison, we’re not sure if customers would have noticed.

No doubt this is great news to owners of those handsets, but at the same time it seems like it would be a bit unfair to other customers who might not own a flagship phone. After all shouldn’t connection speeds be similar across the board, at least hardware notwithstanding?

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