Image credit - Uberprutser @ Wikipedia

Image credit – Uberprutser @ Wikipedia

While there has been a lot of emphasis placed on creating greener cars, let’s not forget that cars aren’t the only mode of transportation available in the world. In fact in some parts of the world, trains are considered to be a major form of transportation as well. Over in the Netherlands, it seems that the country’s electric trains now run on 100% wind energy.

About a couple of years ago, Dutch company Eneco won a contract in which they agreed that by January 2018, all of the country’s trains operated by national railway company NS would be powered by wind energy. It turns out that Eneco did such a good job that they exceeded their target and actually achieved their goal with a year to spare.

This is thanks to the various wind farms that are spread across the country as well as off the coast of the Netherlands that allowed them to achieve its goal. According to the estimates, it has been said that a windmill running for an hour will be capable of generating enough power to power a train for about 120 miles.

If this wasn’t already impressive, NS and Eneco are both hoping to further reduce the amount of power per passenger by an additional 35% by 2020 compared to back in 2005.

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