As cars and trucks are motorbikes are starting to make the move towards greener options, such as going electric instead of consuming fuel, it looks like trains are headed towards that direction as well. In fact over in India, it seems that the country’s first solar-powered train has made its debut, bringing the country’s train network one step closer to more sustainable options.

At the moment India’s train network is pretty much powered by diesel trains, which makes this new train a first for the country. Speaking to Business Standard, Sandeep Gupta, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Jakson Engineers Limited revealed that installing the solar panels on the train proved to be a difficult task.

“It is not an easy task to fit solar panels on the roof of train coaches that run at a speed of 80 km per hour.” However before you get too excited, the whole train won’t be powered by solar. The train is still expected to be pulled by a diesel locomotive, so in reality the solar panels will actually be used to power the passenger comfort systems, such as lights, information displays, and fans.

However we guess it is still a start and perhaps one day we could see an entire train powered by solar energy.

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