When it comes to public transport, as long as it is capable of getting us to our destination, arrive on time, and is relatively clean, it’s hard to ask for more, but it has not stopped train companies around the world from trying to come up with improvements. This can come in the form of WiFi-enabled carriages, charging ports for smartphones, and so on.

However it seems that over in Germany, state-owned railway company Deutsche Bahn has announced plans (via The Local; via Engadget) for a train of the future that will help improve the overall experience for its passengers. This includes coaches aimed at digital entertainment that will come with TVs and video game consoles, a play area for children, and even a gym so that passengers can get a good workout on the way to school or work.

No doubt that this is a rather interesting and unique idea, although whether or not it can be made a reality is a different story. A report from German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung has suggested that some of the ideas raised by the company might not make it past security regulations, so while the company does have some pretty ambitious plans, not all of it could come to fruition.

However like we said, public transportation is starting to become more than just a way to get from point A to point B, but whether or not all these features are practical remains to be seen.

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