People often complain about the official Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps on mobile being too much of a burden on the battery. Both apps constantly required a data connection but that’s not really unusual behavior, many apps require the same kind of access, but these apps have long been associated with battery issues. Things got worse recently as many users reported losing 1 percent charge every minute that the Facebook app was open. The company has acknowledged the problem and revealed how it can be fixed.

It goes without saying that 1 percent per minute is too high of a battery consumption rate for any app. It’s just not feasible for smartphones that still struggle to last an entire day on a full charge if they’re under heavy use.

Someone reached out to Facebook Messenger lead David Marcus to point towards the plethora of reports online of exacerbated battery life issues with the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps.

Marcus acknowledged that there was an issue but didn’t go into the details of the problem. He did reveal that the problem was taken care of server-side and that if users just restart the app, they will notice that the issue has been fixed.

So anyone who is facing higher than usual battery drain when using Facebook apps, just force close the app and restart it again, that should make a difference.

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