Image credit - Square Enix

Image credit – Square Enix


A recent glitch in Final Fantasy XV allowed at least one gamer to venture out of bounds in the game where he discovered a ton of unfinished and unreleased areas. It was quite the surreal experience, we have to admit, although we weren’t quite sure what those areas represented. Could it be parts of the game that did not make the cut? Or could it be for an expansion?

We suppose this is only something that time will reveal, although it seems that there could be strong argument made for the latter theory. In a recent interview with Famitsu, Final Fantasy XV’s director Hajime Tabata revealed that they are working on an unannounced expansion for the game as well as several updates.

He was quoted as saying, “We will evolve our released game Final Fantasy XV more and more, and together with it, we will also evolve. We will further evolve the foundation and know-how of Final Fantasy XVin preparation for new initiatives. Final Fantasy XV is undergoing development for the updates,  and we’re also working on an unannounced awesome expansion, so please look forward to it.”

We’d like to think that Square Enix might already have had plans for an expansion even before the game was released, so it is possible that the areas we previously saw are examples of what was being worked on when the game was shipped. In any case we have no idea when the expansion will be released, but if you’re looking for additional content, the game’s first DLC has already been released and that is something you can check out in the meantime.

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