Image credit - All About Windows Phone

Image credit – All About Windows Phone

One of the nifty features of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile is its Continuum feature which allows users to take their phone, attach it to a display, and turn it into a computer. Now it seems that Samsung could be borrowing that idea for their upcoming Galaxy S8, at least that’s according to a slide obtained by All About Windows Phone.

As you can see in the slide above, courtesy of their source, it shows the alleged Galaxy S8 presentation that Samsung is making to an unknown group of people (whether it be carriers, retailers, investors, we can’t say for sure). The slide talks about the desktop experience and based on the drawing, it seems to indicate that there is a phone captioned as “main” connected to a display.

While we can’t say with certainty that a Continuum-like feature is what Samsung is going for, this image certainly leaves little to the imagination or interpretation. In any case if that is indeed what Samsung is going for, it could be a rather interesting feature, although whether or not people will take advantage of it remains to be seen.

Take it with a grain of salt for now, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Samsung pulled out all the stops for the Galaxy S8. Following the disastrous launch of the Note 7, Samsung truly needs to wow the audience if they’re hoping to regain the trust consumers had in them.

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