samsung logoAll the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 have suggested that it will be a no-show at MWC 2017. In fact it might be debuting in April even. However we guess there are some who might be hoping that the rumors aren’t true and that we might learn more about the handset next month. Sorry to disappoint, but that will not happen.

According to Samsung’s mobile chief Koh Dong-jin, he has confirmed that the Galaxy S8 will not be shown off at MWC 2017. While Koh did not mention when the phone would be announced, like we said, there are many rumors that have suggested a late March or April unveiling, so we guess all those Galaxy S8 hopefuls are out of luck for now.

Koh’s confirmation was made during the company’s announcement of the results of their investigation into the Note 7 fires. According to Samsung, they have confirmed that the problems were due to the batteries in which both suppliers somehow ended up with different manufacturing defects.

As a result of this, Samsung announced a new 8 point safety check procedure in which future batteries, presumably including the Galaxy S8, will undergo an 8 point check to ensure that it is up to standard and that there are no defects, all the way from while it is manufactured right up into the assembled product.

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