griffin-home[CES 2017] Griffin is a company many are familiar with when it comes to accessories for their mobile devices. The company creates all kinds of accessories ranging from cases to cables, but it seems that they have decided to expand their offerings by announcing Griffin Home. This is a new lineup of Griffin products that are basically smart home appliances.

The Griffin Home collection will consist of the Connected Toaster, Connected Coffee Maker, Connected Mirror, PowerBlock Beacon, and PowerJolt Beacon. All their names are pretty straightforward and tell you what they do, like how the Connect Coffee Maker will be able to brew you a cup of coffee remotely.

Or how the Connected Toaster will allow users to control the settings of the toaster, such as temperature, so that your bread will be toasted to your preference. There is also the Connected Mirror which functions like most smart mirrors where it will tell you the time, weather, status messages from other Griffin products, and so on.

Last but not least are the PowerBlock Beacon and PowerJolt Beacon which are basically smart chargers that you can control via an app to set reminders. This means that if you are near the chargers and are in range, the app will remind you that it’s time to charge your device. The Connected Toaster and Coffee Maker are priced at $100, while the Connected Mirror is priced at $1,000. The PowerBlock Beacon and PowerJolt Beacon are priced at $40 and $30 respectively. All of them are set for a release in Q2 2017 safe for the Connected Mirror which is set for late 2017.

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