[CES 2017] Smart toothbrushes aren’t new, and in fact Kolibree might have even taken things to the next level with the AI-powered Ara. However Grush differs from the competition by being an a smart toothbrush with games that kids can play while brushing their teeth, thus turning what seems like a chore into something fun.

Grush isn’t a new toothbrush and the company has actually been launching devices for the past few years. However this year at CES, they are back with new toothbrush hardware and a new augmented reality toothbrush game that kids can entertain themselves with while they brush their teeth.

According to Grush, they are claiming that their toothbrush is capable of detecting the exact brushing position and brushing movements as they take place. It is even detailed enough to detect the surface of each tooth, orientation angle, and even brushing force, all of which is important information if you’re wondering if your kids are brushing their teeth the right way.

Whether or not Grush’s features are a novelty and a gimmick remain to be seen, but if you are interested in their products and wouldn’t mind getting your hands on it, head on over to the company’s website for the details. In the meantime you can check out the video above for an idea of how Grush’s smart toothbrush will work.

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