lego_lifeFor some adults, the abuse on social media can be too much to handle, so you can only imagine that it might be much worse for kids. This is why it is typically recommended that kids do not own a social media account until they’re much older, but if you want your child to be part of a safe social media network, maybe Lego Life could be it.

As the name implies, Lego Life is a social network that has been designed for kids in mind. The goal of the platform is for kids to share their Lego creations with other kids, and while Lego communities aren’t new, they aren’t always the most kid-friendly environment to be around in, which is why Lego decided to take matters into their own hands with the creation of Lego Life.

In addition to sharing their creations, users will be able to like photos, comment on them, and access specially-created Lego emoji. There will also be various building challenges posted that kids can take part in if their are interested. To help make it safe for users, usernames are put together based on a series of random words, and avatars are customized Lego minifigures.

This means that kids are safe from exposing their personal information to strangers on the internet. The platform will also come with filters and there will be actual humans who will be filtering comments and who will help with the moderation. If this sounds like something you think your kids will appreciate, head on over to Lego’s website for the details.

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