Prior to CES 2017, LG said that it would unveil a lineup of new robots at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 and that’s what it has done today. The new lineup shows LG’s advancement in robot technology, the robots are capable of chatting, cleaning, and even mowing the lawn. The home robot is what most people would be interested in. It basically acts as a smart home gateway and an intelligent home notification center.

The LG Hub Robot (above) takes the smart home concept to the next level. It can connect to other smart objects in the home with Amazon Alexa integration it can respond to voice commands to complete household tasks like turning on the air conditioner or changing a dryer cycle.

Hub Robot has an interactive display that can display a variety of information including but not limited to images of contents in the refrigerator, stream music, create reminder memos, provide traffic and weather updates, and more.

"YOUR HOUSE WILL HAVE A STAR TREK USS ENTERPRISE FEEL AFTER INSTALLING THIS"Since it has an anthropomorphic design, the Hub Robot can interact with the entire family in different ways. Not only can it move and swivel in place but can also express emotions by showing a face on its display. The robot has been designed to respond to users with body language and can even be programmed to greet every family member in a different manner.


LG will complement the Hub Robot by introducing mini robots that can be placed in other rooms in the house. They will simply be an extension of the Hub Robot and will be able to perform similar functions. Your house will have a Star Trek USS Enterprise feel after installing this.


LG has also showcased an Airport Guide Robot which will soon be seen in Seoul’s Incheon International Airport. It’s an intelligent information assistant that can help out travelers in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese languages.


The company has developed an Airport Cleaning Robot as well as a Lawn Mowing Robot which can trim grass safely and accurately. LG is showcasing its new robot collection at its booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center, only CES attendees will be able to check it out.

LG will confirm pricing and availability for the Hub Robot at a later date.

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