iphone-7-plus-double-camera-BThere has been quite a bit of rumors in recent times that Apple could be introducing wireless charging to the iPhone 8. In the past few reports, it was suggested that Energous and Dialog had teamed up, with the former company possibly providing the necessary hardware to Apple for the iPhone 8’s wireless charging feature.

However according to the latest rumors out of China, it has been revealed that Lite-On Semiconductor could now be the one to provide the wireless charging components to Apple for the iPhone 8. The report reads in part, “Lite-On Semi has reportedly obtained half of the orders for GPP bridge rectifiers that will be used in the wireless charger for the upcoming iPhones, the report cited industry sources as saying.”

Note that it says the company obtained “half of the orders” which means that it is possible that maybe Dialog could have obtained the other half, or at least some of it. Clearly you should take this information with a grain of salt for now, but if you recall earlier this month during CES, Energous confirmed that phones with “true” wireless charging will be shipping later this year.

For those unfamiliar, what makes Energous’ solution different from Qi or PMA is that it uses radio waves to wirelessly charge devices. This means that devices don’t need to be placed on a mat and as long as it is within range of the charger, it should charge up.

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