We’ve all been there where upon returning from a holiday in a foreign country, we’re left with spare change that’s just too small to bother changing back to local currency. What we do is we keep it and tell ourselves we can use it for our next trip, but if you wanted a more practical way to use that change, you’re in luck.


According to CNET, it seems that in the future we can expect to look forward to kiosks installed in airports called the TravelersBox. What this kiosk does is that there is a machine where you just dump in your spare change and it will be able to convert that money into credit that you can use to apply to your iTunes account, PayPal account, or create Starbucks vouchers.

The best part is that the machines will be able to accept foreign currency so you don’t have to worry about converting it yourself. According to Tomer Zussman, CEO of the company, “We’re pushing most of our business to Asia, 70 percent of the travel expenses you see worldwide are happening in Asia.”

He also notes that while there is a 7% service fee, he notes that there is no minimum amount you can change and it’s probably cheaper than going to a money changer. As it stands there are kiosks installed in Turkey, Canada, Georgia, Italy, Israel, Japan and the Philippines. There are also plans to install its kiosks in Hong Kong, Australia, India, Indonesia and Malaysia in the near future.

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