mass_effect-andromeda5Some games like to place heavy emphasis on the multiplayer aspect of the game. For example while Blizzard’s Diablo franchise could technically be played as a single-player game, there are features that make multiplayer a more attractive option for gamers. However that won’t be the case for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The game will naturally feature multiplayer mode, but in a Kotaku Australia interview (via MCV UK) from December 2016, BioWare’s Mike Gamble revealed that multiplayer for Andromeda will be entirely optional in terms of advancing in the story. This is versus the game’s predecessor, Mass Effect 3 in which gamers were strongly encouraged to play multiplayer in order to improve their readiness rating.

Instead according to Gamble, Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature a “Strike Team” system. Without going into too much detail, Gamble said, “There’s a system that we use called the Strike Team system, and fundamentally it allows you to go between singleplayer and multiplayer within the game, and it’s packaged around a meta-story of what’s going on in Helios.”

He also revealed that multiplayer would allow players to get into a deeper meta-story. The meta-story itself can be completed without multiplayer, but we guess for gamers who want to explore every nook and cranny that the game has to offer, multiplayer is one way to do that, but for those who just want to experience the main story and be done with it, you have that option as well. Mass Effect: Andromeda has been set for a release on the 21st of March, 2017.

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