minecraft-turkey-banWhile Microsoft might not have bowed out completely of the smartphone market, it’s pretty clear that the company’s focus on smartphones is no longer what it used to be. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that developers are slowly pulling support for their apps on the Windows Phone/10 Mobile platform, Microsoft themselves included.

According to a report from Windows Central, they have received a tip which they have then confirmed with their sources that Minecraft Pocket Edition will no longer receive updates for the Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile platforms. It will continue to be made available in the store for download, but there will no longer be updates which means that if future builds of Windows 10 Mobile breaks the game, or if there are bugs, that’s just too bad.

However it has been suggested that the number of players and the amount of time these players spent on the Windows Phone/10 Mobile version of the game is rather low, at least compared to other platforms, which means that it is understandable from a business point of view when support is being pulled, even if Microsoft now technically owns the franchise.

Maybe that will change in the future as there are rumors that Microsoft hasn’t completely given up on phones and that the Surface Phone will change that, but until then we guess Windows Phone/10 Mobile owners will have to hope that the game will keep running smoothly until then.

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