[CES 2017] When it comes to wearables, a lot of devices out there seems to be more focused on running. However if you’re looking to give your boxing workout a hi-tech advantage, you’re in luck as Piq and Everlast have teamed up to create the Piq Robot Blue, a wearable that will help improve your boxing.

Basically the Robot Blue is a sensor that fits into a specially-designed wrap around your hands. If you’ve never boxed before, wraps are meant to help provide more stability in your wrists and hands while offering some degree of padding to prevent any scrapes or bruises. These are typically worn under gloves or without if you’re just doing a bit of shadow boxing.

The Robot Blue will come with an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and an altimeter that collects 190,000 points of data per minute. All of this will be translated into measurements that you can use to track your progress and see what needs to be improved upon, such as how fast you are punching, how fast you retract your punch (this is important since throwing a punch also means leaving part of your face exposed), punch impact, the type of punch, how many punches per minute, and calories burned.

All of this is then displayed in an accompanying smartphone app. Will this turn you into the world’s greatest boxer? Maybe, but there is more to boxing than just how how hard or how fast you throw a punch, but if you’re looking to improve those aspects then Piq’s Robot Blue could help. Priced at $79, it is expected to be made available towards the end of February, 2017 but pre-orders are currently being accepted.

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