samsung-sdiSure, over the years range in electric vehicles has increased rather substantially, and charging times have also been reduced, although unfortunately they are still nowhere quite as quick as pumping your car with gas. However it seems that over at Samsung SDI, the company has been working on some solutions.


Recently they have announced (via SamMobile) a new car battery that according to the company, will be able to hit an 80% charge within 20 minutes, which Samsung SDI says is equivalent to about 500km. This is pretty fast which should reduce the downtime of charging your car, especially if you’re out and about and need to recharge quickly to get to your next destination.

Unfortunately if you are hoping to see Samsung SDI’s new battery technology find its way into electric vehicles in the near future, you will be disappointed to learn that you’ll probably have to wait quite a bit. Mass production of the company’s new battery technology is only expected to begin in 2021, which presumably by then there could be newer and even more efficient technology.

So if you’re still hesitant to adopt electric vehicles due to range anxiety and also hating the idea of waiting a long time to recharge your car, hopefully these developments will help ease those doubts.

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