snow-appSnapchat is an app that is clearly aimed at youngsters, a market that apparently Facebook is trying to court. This has resulted in Facebook attempting to acquire Snapchat to no avail, and it is also why last year you might have heard that Facebook tried to acquire Asia’s equivalent of Snapchat, an app called Snow.

Basically for the most part Snow is like Snapchat, except that it was created by Naver, the same company behind the LINE messaging app. It is unclear why Facebook did not acquire the company or why they supposedly failed, but it seems that this has to be pretty frustrating because according to Naver, Snow is boasting over 100 million downloads and apparently has 40-50 million active users every month.

Assuming those figures are accurate, they are very impressive especially considering that the app is still relatively young. Of course Snow is nowhere near Snapchat’s monthly users as according to TechCrunch, is boasting 150 million daily users, so clearly Snow has a long way to go, but like we said for a young project it is something that should be paid attention to.

It is possible that Snow is filling in a hole in the market left by Snapchat. Since Snapchat isn’t allowed in China, Snow has proven to be a popular alternative. Will Facebook make another attempt to acquire Snow? Who knows, but if you’re curious about the app, you can go ahead and check it out either via the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

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