Twitter today announced that it’s replacing the Moments feature which enabled users to create a storyboard by compiling tweets. Moments is losing its prime placement in the Twitter app to a new section called Explore. Twitter has created Explore as a one-stop solution for users to find out what’s happening on the micro-blogging network. They can use Explore to browse Moments, the latest trends, search and featured live video streams.


To be clear, Twitter isn’t removing Moments. It’s just making it easier for users to find what they want, at least that’s what it’s trying to do. The company says that during its research process it heard from users that the Explore tab helped them easily find what they were looking which is why it has made this decision.

Users previously had to navigate to different places to find different things. As part of its continued efforts to make the user experience simpler and better, it has decided to bring all of these different features together under the Explore tab which will now be front-and-center inside the Twitter app.

Twitter has said that it’s starting off by replacing Moments with Explore on iOS today. Android users will get to see this change over the coming weeks. Last but not the least, the web version of Twitter will reflect this change as well. Twitter will continue to pay heed to user feedback as it works to make Explore even better.

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