gabe-newellHave you ever wanted to ask Valve’s co-founder and president Gabe Newell what’s up with Half-Life 3? If you did, you’re probably not alone, and you’re also probably not going to be alone when it comes to that question because it has been announced tomorrow, Newell will be hosting a Reddit AMA session.


For those wondering what a Reddit AMA session is, basically AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything”. The person will then field questions from everyone in the audience (virtual audience) and will answer questions that come up. Of course they do have the choice of picking which question they want to answer, so asking sensitive questions or inappropriate questions are typically ignored.

However like we said, chances are gamers will be taking the opportunity to ask Newell about the state of Half-Life 3, and whether or not we will be seeing it anytime soon. Whether Newell chooses to entertain those questions remains to be seen, but if you’d like to try your luck, you’ll be able to take part in the AMA which kicks off at 3PM PST on Reddit, so bookmark the page and set your alarms!

In the meantime rumors of Half-Life 3 have been running rampant over the years. The most recent one we’ve heard is that at some point in time, Valve actually toyed with the idea of turning the game into an RTS.

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