Twitter confirmed a couple of months ago that it was killing Vine. The service has been around for a couple of years and while it enjoyed popularity in the beginning, people started to lose interest in the app once better versions of its features were provided by rivals like Instagram. People no longer saw the need to limit themselves to six-second looping videos. It has been confirmed today that the Vine shut down date is January 17th.

This was posted through the official Twitter account for Vine today. The service will be shut down on January 17th. This means that users only have a couple of weeks to download their Vines before they lose access to them forever.

While Vine the service might be shutting done, the app will live on in a different manner, Vine Camera will take its place. The concept here is similar. Vine Camera will also enable users to capture six-second looping videos but instead of maintaining its own platform, the app will simply let users post those videos on Twitter or save them on their phones.

“You will not be able to do any of the other things you can currently do with the Vine app. Once the Vine Camera is live, you will no longer be able to download your Vines from the app,” Vine reiterates in a FAQ section regarding the impending shut down.

The Vine website will then be transformed into an archive of content previously posted publicly on the fallen platform.

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