whatsapp-iphoneHave you ever wanted to send a message on WhatsApp only to run into connection issues where it’s stuck on “Connecting”? It can be annoying since you have to wait for the connection to pop back online before you can send the message, but a recent update to the iOS version of WhatsApp fixes that problem.

According to the changelog in the iOS update, WhatsApp users can now queue their messages offline and once a connection has been established, the messages will be sent so that users don’t have to worry about forgetting to reply a message which can be rather annoying for the person on the other end.

Note that this isn’t exactly a new feature per se. The offline message queuing feature has actually been available on Android devices for a while now, so it looks like it has finally been released for the iOS version of WhatsApp so that users can now get in on the action as well. In addition to the offline message queuing system, the update also introduces better storage management and sharing improvements.

For example the number of photos and videos that can be shared at once has been increased from 10 to 30, and users can also manage storage on a conversation by conversation basis. The update is live so head on over to the iTunes App Store to get your hands on it.

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