If you are using Android and you send a fair bit of text messages, there’s a good chance that you might have been using Google Messenger. However if you were to fire up your phone and you realize that the Google Messenger app is gone, you can rest assured that your phone has not been hacked.


Instead it seems that for some reason, Google has decided to rebrand Google Messenger The app will now be known as Android Messages, so if you don’t see Google Messenger anymore and if you’re wondering what this new Android Messages app is, it seems that they are pretty much one and the same.

Note that apart from the name change, Google has not made any changes under the hood or to the look of the app itself. This means that the app should continue to function pretty much the same way as it used to, except with a different name. We some users might be confused as for some reason, Google can’t seem to settle on one app for its messaging services.

For a while many had assumed Hangouts would be the default app, but Google later introduced Allo which many speculated could become the de facto messenger app on Android, but that isn’t the case and with Android Messages, it still feels like Google hasn’t really settled on a particular strategy yet, but either way this is just a friendly reminder to let you know that nothing’s really changed.

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