The problem with using drones for delivery purposes is that drones can only fly a certain distance, meaning that depending on where the drone is taking off from, the range that they can fly could be limited. However Ford plans to change that with a concept that they have announced called “Autoliveries”.

This is a delivery concept which combines the use of a self-driving car and drones. The idea is that the cars can drive themselves around while the drones make the actual deliveries. This means that range will no longer be an issue, plus it also helps delivery companies with the challenge of the “last mile” which is usually the most inefficient part of the entire delivery process, where the driver has to drive to the person’s house to make the actual delivery.

If this sounds familiar, it is because about a week ago UPS was testing out something similar, where they would continue to have drivers drive their delivery trucks around, but as the drivers made other deliveries, drones in the back of the truck could be deployed and make their own deliveries within the vicinity.

Now this might sound like a very futuristic concept, and the video above certainly seems to highlight it as such, but according to Ford, they plan to have a fully autonomous SAE level-4 capable vehicle for ride-sharing, ride-hailing, or package deliveries in 2021.

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