Update – Turns out that this was meant to be a funny video and that it is actually not real.


One of the favorite things modders and hackers like to do is to push the boundary of hardware and software, where what used to be thought of as impossible is now possible. For example just last year someone managed to get Doom up and running on the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, and while the experience was far from ideal, the fact that it was somehow managed was still impressive.

Now thanks to YouTuber Vexal, he has posted what appears to be a rather simple and straightforward 3-step process in which you could get Doom running on your Porsche 911’s onboard computer. Just like with the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, the experience is anything but ideal and it also looks pretty dangerous since you probably shouldn’t be playing and driving at the same time, but yet the fact that it was managed is pretty amusing (and amazing).

From what we can tell in the video, all you will need is a physical copy of the game’s disc, a USB flash drive, and the car itself. While it was demonstrated using a Porsche 911, Vexal claims that it will work for many different cars that were built in the last couple of years, so if you don’t own a Porsche 911 but still have the necessary hardware and ports, you could still give it a try, but your mileage may vary.

In any case if you’re interested in checking out the hack, then watch the video above as Vexal takes us through the steps as well as demonstrate the game being played in the vehicle itself.

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