Compact cameras used to seen as cheap and affordable cameras for the masses back in the day. However in recent years, camera manufacturers have recognized how there are consumers who want high-quality images without necessarily having to spend a lot of money on mirrorless or DSLR systems.

This has led to the creation of high-end compact cameras that we’ve seen from the likes of Sony, Fujifilm, and Canon. For a while Nikon had something similar with their DL lineup, but that changed earlier this month when the company announced that they had decided to kill off the DL lineup, but for Nikon fans you can rest assured knowing that the company is giving up anytime soon.

According to news outlets in Japan (via Nikon Rumors) in which several Nikon executives were interviewed, it seems that Nikon still has plans to develop a high-end compact camera. Details were scarce but basically it sounds like Nikon isn’t quite ready to throw in the towel just yet, despite the fact that the DL lineup was cancelled.

We’re not sure when such a camera is expected to make its debut or how far long Nikon’s efforts are, but perhaps you shouldn’t hold your breath just yet. In the meantime Nikon has also iterated their plans to keep churning out mid and high-end DSLRs as well as mirrorless cameras, but ultimately they want to reduce the number of models that they put out in the future.

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