Tesla’s Supercharger network is integral to the experience of owning an all-electric car but without having to make a trade-off when it comes to range, particularly when driving long distances. Its Supercharger network is what enables owners to make coast-to-coast trips without having to spend too much time charging up the car in between. The company has a respectable number of these stations live already in North America and Tesla has now confirmed that it’s going to double the number of Supercharger stations in North America this year.

Tesla has 2,636 Supercharger stations at 373 locations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The company revealed in its quarterly letter to shareholders that it’s going to double this number to twice as many locations across North America by the end of this year.

Any and all Model X and Model S owners can quickly charge up their cars at a Supercharger station. Tesla says that just 30 minutes of charging can provide users with as much as 170 miles of change.

While 2,636 stations might seem much, as more Teslas take to the streets and the Model 3 just around the corner, it goes without saying that Tesla is going to need a lot more of these to ensure that drivers find an available spot at Supercharger stations in a reasonable amount of time.

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