If you’re the sort of person who believes in efficiency and getting many things done at once, there’s a good chance you might have heard or might even be using the IFTTT app. Now the good news is that if you’re also a Twitch streamer or a Twitch viewer and have been hankering for IFTTT support, you’re in luck because it is finally here.


According to the IFTTT blog, “The people have spoken. Repeatedly. For years! Today we’re delighted to say that you’ve been heard: Twitch is now on IFTTT. Whether you’re painting with Bob Ross, cooking with Domestic Dan, or one of the 2.4M who watch Syndicate play the latest video games, there’s an Applet that can make your experience better.”

For those unfamiliar with IFTTT, basically this is an app that lets you create conditions that will trigger certain actions when those conditions are met. In Twitch’s case, having IFTTT support means that whenever you start a stream you can automatically make it so that you post on Twitter and Facebook.

Or you can even log information into a Google spreadsheet whenever a Twitch user follows a new channel. There is even integration with the Philips Hue lighting so that whenever a channel you follow goes live, you’ll be able to set your Hue lights to glow/flash purple as a notification. The possibilities are endless so if you’re interested, so fire up the IFTTT app if you’re interested in checking it out.

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