Just yesterday we came across some leaked photos of what was claimed to be the set of AKG-branded earphones that Samsung is going to ship with the Galaxy S8. More pictures of the earphones have now surfaced online giving us a pretty good look at the headset that’s going to come out of the box of your brand new Galaxy S8 should you decide to pick one up.

This isn’t just a rumor. Samsung itself confirmed during its keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona last month that it’s going to ship AKG-branded earphones with the Galaxy S8. However, it didn’t show them off at the event.

The company is unlikely to show off the headset until March 29th when it officially unveils the Galaxy S8. So until then, we have these leaked pictures to go on.

There isn’t much to see here design-wise, they look pretty much how you’d expect a conventional pair of earphones to look like, but what most people would be interested in is how they perform.

Unfortunately, no judgment can be passed on that until we have the earphones in our hands to test them out. For that we’ll have to wait a few weeks just so Samsung can unveil the Galaxy S8 and start sending it out.

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