It seems that not only does Apple have the Wikileaks flaws and vulnerabilities to deal with, it looks like they have another potential problem brewing. A group that calls itself the Turkish Crime Family is claiming to have the login credentials to more than 627 million,, and email addresses.

They are also threatening to wipe the data from millions of Apple accounts if the company does not pay them a ransom of $150,000. According to a report from Motherboard, they claim to have seen screenshots of the alleged emails sent by the hackers to members of Apple’s security team. The hackers also reportedly uploaded a video of them proving that they could log into Apple accounts.

However it seems that Apple’s security team has no interest in paying the ransom. In one of the alleged exchanges, an unnamed member of Apple’s security team wrote, “We firstly kindly request you to remove the video that you have uploaded on your YouTube channel as it’s seeking unwanted attention, second of all we would like you to know that we do not reward cyber criminals for breaking the law.”

It is unclear as to what will become of this and whether or not Apple will be able to sort this out, or if maybe the hackers are bluffing. Either way we’ll just have to wait and see, but maybe in the meantime it might not be such a bad idea to update your login information.

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