As you might have heard that not too long ago, Wikileaks released a bunch of documents in which it was discovered that the CIA had kept a list of exploits for multiple operating systems that they could use should the need arise. Wikileaks later announced that they would be helping these tech companies address those problems, but apparently there will be a price.

According to a report from Motherboard, it seems that Wikileaks has sent an email to the tech companies involved, such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft (just to name a few) in which the organization had some demands of their own, and that they would only help the companies if their demands are met.

It is unclear as to what the full list of demands are, but apparently it seems that one of the demands is that these tech companies address the problems and fix the flaws that were discovered within 90 days, after which presumably the information would be released to the public which would then send all these tech companies into a frenzy trying to patch things up before hackers took advantage of them.

It should be noted that both Apple and Google had previously claimed to have addressed most of the vulnerabilities already, and that the remaining ones are still being worked on. With regards to these demands, Google and Apple have declined to comment, but Microsoft did confirm with Motherboard that Wikileaks has made initial contact with them, but they did not share anything more.

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