At the moment in order to control things inside VR with the HTC Vive involve the use of separate physical controllers. However given their design, it isn’t necessarily ideal because depending on what you are doing in the game, the shape and size of these controllers might not always be the best tool for the job.

However that’s where the Vive Tracker comes in, and for those interested, it seems that the HTC Vive Tracker is now available to developers for purchase. In case you’re hearing about this for the first time, the Vive Tracker is basically an accessory that allows users to add motion controls to objects in real-life.

A good example would be how you can attach the Vive Trackers onto boxing gloves. This means that in a VR game or boxing/fighting, players will be able to don actual boxing gloves as opposed to holding the regular Vive controllers, lending a more accurate experience. These trackers can also be attached to things like paint brushes, guns and so on.

However it should be noted that the tracker is available to developers at the moment, presumably to allow developers to create games and applications that can take advantage of it.  We suppose there’s no stopping regular users from buying it, but if isn’t much support at the moment then there’s really no point, right? The Vive Tracker is available via HTC’s website for $99.

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