Just the other day Apple released iOS 10.3 and if you needed a reason to update, apart from the patching of a Safari security hole, it seems that there is a good chance that if you were to update your iPhone to iOS 10.3, you might notice some speed increases, or at least that’s what’s being claimed at the moment.

In a tweet by Renaud Lienhart, it seems that the reason behind the perceived speediness is due to the fact that iOS 10.3 has tweaked the animations and shortened, meaning that the launching and closing of apps should feel ever so faster. Now whether or not you will notice these differences remains to be seen, and according to The Verge who did their own testing, they did not notice any significant differences between a device running iOS 10.2.1 and one that ran iOS 10.3.

However they did concede that iOS did feel more responsive during daily tasks, but like we said your mileage may vary depending on how sensitive you are to these kinds of changes. In addition to these changes, Apple has also made a rather significant change by moving from the HFS+ file system to APFS, which seems to have freed up quite a bit of storage for users, so if you haven’t updated already, maybe you should consider doing so.

Take note that due to the move from HFS+ to APFS, the update should take longer than normal updates, so you’ll want to ensure your phone has enough juice, and that maybe you’re not expecting any important calls or messages for at least the next 20-30 minutes.

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