While Pokemon Go made a lot of people very happy and gave them an incentive to get up on their feet and out of the house, it has more than its fair share of tragic stories as well. People have done seriously risky things to capture Pokemon in this game and according to a latest report out of Singapore, the mere happiness after catching a rare Pokemon could be fatal as well. A 67-year-old Pokemon Go player in Singapore passed away from a fatal heart attack after he caught an extremely rare Pokemon.

67-year-old Liang Weiming is described in local media reports as an avid Pokemon Go player with a level 28 account in which he had captured more than 200 monsters. If you’ve played the game at any point in time you’ll be aware that it requires an immense amount of dedication and time to come up to this level.

Even though he had reached level 28 in the game, the rare “Lapras” Pokemon continued to evade him but he was finally able to capture the monster at the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore. He and his wife used to visit the hotel frequently because it was a good spot for catching Pokemon.

His wife says that the excitement of finally catching Lapras caused him to have a heart attack right there and them. He was taken to the Singapore General Hospital but unfortunately, he passed away soon after arriving at the hospital. He’s said to have a history of heart disease so it’s likely that the sudden excitement triggered the heart attack.

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