One of the rumored features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 was that it would come with Continuum-like features, where users could basically use the phone and connect it to a display and it would allow users to use it like they would with a desktop. Following the launch of the handset, the rumor was proven true.

For those who are interested in this feature, you might be interested to learn that the Samsung DeX Station Dock is now available for pre-order in the US via Samsung’s online store. The DeX Station is priced at $150 which is by no means cheap. Combine this with the handset’s price of $750 for the Galaxy S8 and $850 for the Galaxy S8+ and you would be spending between $900-$1,000 in total.

However we guess if you do see a need for the DeX Station, maybe for work purposes, then we guess it could be a good investment. At the moment it’s a bit too early to tell if the DeX Station will be a useful feature or if it is simply a novelty. After all it’s not as if Windows 10’s Continuum feature is being highly-raved about, so we’re not sure how different the DeX Station will be.

In any case we guess only time will tell how well-received this feature will be and if the DeX Station will be worth $150. In the meantime the device has been listed as shipping in late April where presumably it should launch alongside the Galaxy S8 on the 21st of April.

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