If you have been following the rumors, you might have heard that Samsung has a foldable phone in the works that they are planning on making a commercial reality as soon as this year. We know that foldable displays are something the company has been working on, but to put that display into a phone and sell it is a different story.

However things appear to be progressing just fine. In a report from ETNews (via Pocketnow), word on the street has it that Samsung is expected to begin prototyping the handset in Q3 2017. Apparently this is “to verify quality of foldable smartphone by producing thousands of prototypes”. Also given that IFA takes place in Q3 every year, there’s a good chance that maybe, just maybe Samsung could show off the prototype.

However assuming all of this is true, this begs the question of when will the phone be actually available? After all prototyping a device and getting it out to consumers the next quarter does seem a bit fast, which means that maybe we could end up seeing an early 2018 release instead, but that’s just speculation on our part so take it with a grain of salt.

At this point in time it’s really anyone’s guess as to what a foldable smartphone could be like. However Samsung has seen some success with its curved displays so who knows, maybe foldable smartphones could be the next big thing.

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