It has been several months since Nintendo’s Super Mario Run was released on iOS. We knew that it would eventually find its way onto Android since its exclusivity on iOS was a timed one, and the good news for all you Mario fans out there is that the game is now finally available for download.

The best part is that the version released for Android is pretty much the same version as the one on iOS, meaning that it should have all the latest updates and features that iOS users have been enjoying, so it’s not as if Android users will have to play catch up. The game itself is a free download and users can enjoy the first three stages for free.

However if they want to unlock the rest of the levels, they will have to pay $10 in a one-time in-app purchase. We know that $10 is a bit steep when it comes to paying for mobile games, but unfortunately that’s the pricing that Nintendo has decided to go with for now, and we doubt that it will be changing anytime soon.

So far reviews of the game have been mostly positive since at its core, it is still Mario. Whether or not it will be as fun as “regular” Mario is really up to you, but with the first three levels being free, we guess there isn’t much risk involved in trying it out. To download the game, head on over to the Google Play Store.

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