Autopilot is what Tesla calls its suite of semi-autonomous features. The company has sent out a new software update today for Tesla cars built since October 2016 which adds advanced semi-autonomous driving features to Autopilot. If you’re wondering why this update is only for cars built since October 2016, that’s because Tesla started producing its Model S and Model X cars with a more advanced sensor package.

Tesla Software 8.1 is being rolled out today for Model S and Model X vehicles that have been built since October 2016. The update brings several new and enhanced features for the Autopilot semi-autonomous suite on these cards.

Auto Lange Change is a new Autosteer feature include in this update. The car can change lanes on its own when the driver activates the turn signal on a multi-lane road. It also gets Lane Departure Warning which sends a slight vibration through the steering wheel to inform the driver that the car is leaving its lane without an active turn signal.

The High Speed Autosteer (80 mph / 130 kph) maintains the car’s position inside a lane and in some situations even lets the driver take their hands off the wheel.

The Summon feature enables the car to pull in and out of parking spaces even when the driver isn’t inside the car. It can be done using the mobile app or by holding down a button on the car’s key.

So this update finally brings many of the advanced Autopilot features that have already been present on previous models to those built since October 2016. Features still missing include automatic emergency braking, automatic windshield wipers, and high beam headlights.

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