It is no secret that carmakers are looking into developing more self-driving vehicles, and it seems that over at Volkswagen, the company has recently taken the wraps off a concept vehicle they are calling “Sedric”, which is basically short of “self-driving car, that they envision as being a hybrid between car ownership and ride-sharing services.

As you can see in the video, Sedric isn’t exactly your typical-looking car. It is rather boxy in design and we guess this is because if it were to be a ride-sharing car, this design would allow for more passengers to fit into it. The carmaker is also making it a Level 5 autonomous vehicle which means that this is a self-driving car that has no need for a human driver, and it can also be summoned via a remote at any time and at any location.

It also seems that Volkswagen plans on building AI into the car where users who get into it can tell the car where to go, how to get there, enquire about driving time, traffic situation, and more. Its windscreen will also double up as an OLED screen with augmented reality so that you can accomplish more while in the car while being ferried to your destination.

Unfortunately Volkswagen did not designate if or when they will make Sedric a reality, but we do know that the company is working on self-driving cars and they also have plans for a ride-hailing service, so Sedric seems like a marriage of those two plans.

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