A popular rumor regarding this year’s iPhone is that Apple could finally be introducing wireless charging to the handset. Now wireless charging has been around for a while now, although many believe that Apple’s solution could offer up “true” wireless charging without the use of charging mats.


Exactly how will this work remains to be seen, but the folks at AppleInsider have come across a patent filed by Apple that explores one possible method. In this particular patent, it talks about how Apple has experimented with various wireless charging techniques, such as how they could potentially draw power from devices like WiFi routers to charging their phones.

The patent also talks about dual-polarization, dual-frequency patch antennas which in theory should be able to offer up a longer range while charging, meaning that one day you could walk around your house with your phone in hand while it charges wirelessly. However given that this is only a patent, there’s no telling if this is a technology Apple is already working on, or if it is something that they’re merely exploring.

Like we said it’s hard to tell what sort of tech Apple could use for its wireless charging feature for the iPhone when it is launched, but here’s hoping it’ll be something more convenient than a wireless charging mat. We’re sure iPhone fans did not wait years for the feature only to be given something that has already existed, right?

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