Last year while stuck in a traffic jam, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk tweeted out that he wanted to build a tunnel boring machine that would create underground tunnels as an alternative to surface roads. It might sound like the musings anyone stuck in traffic, but in Musk’s case and given his resources, it was an idea that he plans to make a reality.

To that end he has since launched a company called The Boring Company and thanks to a concept video that has surfaced, we now know what Musk’s vision of the future could look like. Basically Musk envisions a future where there will be sleds stationed around a city. Cars could drive themselves into these sleds which would then lower them underground into a tunnel.

The sleds would then propel the car underneath the network of tunnels at speeds of up to 200kmph to help them reach their destination, or at least the next sled station where hopefully they would have already bypassed the jam. Of course there is the question of how many sleds would be required, and if the waiting for the sleds could in turn cause a jam/delay itself?

That being said, this is a concept video and we’re sure that the kinks are still being ironed out, but it is an interesting concept and a future we wouldn’t mind living in, that is of course if flying cars haven’t already become the norm.

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