Have you ever wondered why whenever you’re in the car on a long road trip how easy it is to fall asleep? We suppose the hum and vibrations from the car and the repetitive nature of the scenery flashing is somewhat hypnotic and soothing and can lull just about anyone into a stupor, and Ford reckons that this is how you can get babies to sleep even without a car.

The company has put together a concept called the Max Motor Dreams which is really just a hi-tech crib that has been designed to help put babies to sleep. How it works is that this crib will mimic the feel of a car ride, where it will vibrate and rock gently as if the baby were in the car. It will even simulate the effect of driving by street lamps. To top it off, there will also be an accompanying app which will actually be able to record the movements of the car while you drive, which will then be emulated with the crib.

This means that if you drive your baby to and from certain destinations quite often, you can reproduce that drive to create a sense of familiarity for your child which will hopefully make it more comfortable and easy for them to fall asleep to. However the Max Motor Dreams is currently only a concept which means that there are no plans to produce it commercially.

However the one unit that is available will be up for grabs as Ford España is holding a sweepstakes for a lucky winner. In the meantime if you’re curious, you can check out the video above to see the Max Motor Dreams in action.

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